Arnook’s SCS Containers Skin Project V5.1

Arnook's SCS Containers Skin Project ets2 container skin pack

ETS2 mod containing Arnook’s SCS Containers Skin Project V5.1.

As some of you may already know, I was getting sick and tired of the default SCS container skins, so I decided to make some, with correct codes, decals, details, etc.. .

Mod features :

– Full compatibility with the SCS, Krone & VAK V-Slider chassis configurations (HCT, B-Link, singles, doubles, flatbeds, etc… everything that uses 20ft, 2x20fts and/or 40fts)
– Available in the freight Market & for owned trailers
– The skin-selection is made randomly by the game (same system as SCS’s original containers)
– All container variants in traffic
– Supports both default & custom dedicated cargos :
–> Default cargos : just use the same cargos as you usually do and the default skins will be replaced by mine
–> Dedicated cargos :search for “Box Container” OR “Reefer Container” OR “ISO Tank Container”, depending on the type of container that you want

Changelog v5.1 (06/09/2020):

– Fixed traffic for 1.38 (sorry about that)
– Adjusted custom cargo values

Bug reporting and more info on SCS’s forum.

Credits: Base containers : SCS
Templates & Multi-skin rework : MDModder & ModsStudio
Skins, defs & everything else : Arnook

Special Thanks to : MDModder for his help with the mapping & multi-look, Carl1992 for the all the help with codes, traffic,etc., NARS for the help with the default cargos, Niepa (<3) and Tristan for beta-testing

DOWNLOAD mod for ETS2 1.38

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