ETS2 patch 1.39 open beta

euro truck simulator 2 patch 1.39 calais

ETS2 was updated to patch 1.39 as you probably already know. This comes after a series of spoilers about it and about the updates in it. So we already knew a few of the updates, just like the new low-bed trailers mentioned in a previous post. Mods can be found as always in the ETS2 … Read more

Barcelona in Iberia DLC

Barcelona Iberia DLC

Barcelona is a beautiful city on the Eastern coast of Spain and the Iberian island. It is an important asset of the upcoming Euro Truck Simulator 2 Iberia DLC. That is thanks to the scenic views and the big attraction for tourists. Are you excited to drive there and enjoy the sunshine? In addition, we … Read more

ETS2 1.39 new low-bed trailers

ets2 low bed trailer

Euro Truck Simulator patch 1.39 is just around the corner. After the news that ATS 1.39 new lowboy trailer, we now find out that we will get new Low-bed & Low-loader Trailers for ETS2. They are receiving a complete refresh. The new trailers will be ownable and customizable. It’s not just the old trailers, it’s … Read more

ETS2 1.39: City of Calais makeover

ets2 port of calais

ETS2 1.39 is the next big update to the game. The port of Calais is and important city that connects Europe with the United Kingdom through the ferry. Also it is the fourth largest port in France. It accounts for more than a third of the city’s economy. With ATS patch 1.39 being already launched … Read more

Renault #ImTheBoss Contest

renault imtheboss

Renault Range T has got a new skin in Euro Truck Simulator 2. It’s called the Renault Range T truckĀ  paintjob – THE BOSS Edition! This was supposed to get out in the real world as a real paintjob, but due to the current world situation, they couldn’t make it happen. Thanks to the feedback … Read more

Super Stripes Paint Jobs DLC

ETS2 Super Stripes Paint Jobs

Super Stripes Paint Jobs is a skin pack DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Just like the name suggests, the whole theme of this is represented by stripes. Also this a modern touch for your truck in ETS2! This is not a mod, it’s a DLC made by SCS Software. It is created by the … Read more

ETS2 Iberia DLC: What we know

ETS2 Iberia DLC village

ETS2 Iberia DLC is a map expansion bringing the second largest European peninsula to the game. The first news we got about it dates back to February 13, 2020. The latest news were about Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and how it will look like in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Also we got to know … Read more