ETS2 Heart of Russia: Country Side

ets2 heart of russia dlc

Heart of Russia for ETS2 is still in the works. It has been at least since March, when we had the first official post about it. The Euro Truck Simulator 2 new DLC will probably take the spotlight now that ATS Wyoming DLC was released. We are excited about that! Today we have some new … Read more

ETS2 1.41 patch version

euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer

ETS2 1.41 patch has been out for a while now. But we still want to take some time to talk about it thanks to it’s huge importance. One of the biggest features ever to be released is out with the 1.41, the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer. We are talking about the official ETS2 convoy … Read more

Russia Map DLC Nature

heart of russia ets2

A map expansion of Russia, called Heart of Russia DLC, is coming in the near future to Euro Truck Simulator 2. As of today, there is no official release date yet. Until then, we’ve got the occasional news and updates from SCS Software. Today we’re going to talk about the details of nature in the … Read more

ETS2 beta 1.41: Multiplayer official

The ETS2 patch 1.41 is bringing an official Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer! It’s live right now as a beta update. You can test it with your friends too. We mentioned it a while ago in a recent post about ETS2 multiplayer. Let’s check out more about it together and see what else is new. … Read more

Krone New Content: 25 years anniversary

Ets2 trailer krone

Krone is celebrating in Euro Truck Simulator 2 their 25 years anniversary! There’s plenty of free ETS2 trailer mods but there’s also trailer DLCs. Krone Trailer Pack is one of them and it includes various trailers such as reefers and box trailers. Also they are really customizable and can be edited in the tuning menu … Read more

Euro Truck Simulator 2 DAF XG New Truck

daf xg euro truck simulator 2

A new DAF XG truck is now available in Euro Truck Simulator 2! A while ago SCS leaked some screenshot of a ETS2 mystery truck. We now find out that is the new generation of DAF trucks, the new DAF XG and XG+! Everything on the new truck is reinvented and focusing more on the … Read more