ETS2 Iberia DLC: Transporting Olives

ets2 iberia dlc

ETS2 Iberia DLC is an upcoming map expansion coming to the game. Today, we are talking about it again. We want to let you know about a special new industry. Spain is renowned for some of the best olives in the world. Also it produces half of the olive oil in the world. However, 46% … Read more

ETS2 1.37 – New Sounds Rebalance

ETS2 1.38 New Sounds Rebalance

ETS2 1.37 got new sounds with the addition of FMOD. The sound was improved and adjusted recently by the SFX team. They work hard on improving the sound in the game which we really appreciate. Also, they listen to the feedback from the players, which is the reason of this update. FMOD was not perfect … Read more

ETS2 1.38 – Special Transport Addition

ets2 patch 1.38

ETS2 version 1.38 patch is coming out soon with new features. One of these is the addition of 3 new routes for the Special Transport add-on. However this will be available only for the players that also own the latest Road to the Black Sea DLC. New Special Transport routes: Resita to Targu Mures Istanbul … Read more

Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.37 patch

Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.37 is officially out and ready. To get the new ETS2 update you just have to open Steam and it will update itself. After that, make sure you opt out of beta versions of the game. The most important features of ETS2 patch 1.37 FMOD Sound engine 4 French Cities … Read more