Coca-Cola Skin Pack Mod Mr.Fox

ets2 Skin Pack mod

This is a Coca-Cola Skin Pack by Mr.Fox ETS2 mod. It’s a nice trailer skin combo pack of different styles of Coca-Cola paint jobs.

This time I decided to update the Coca-Cola skin pack. After all, the New Year is coming soon, which means that an appropriate coupling is needed. I also want to inform you that this release is the last one this year.

List of changes:
-Added support for the following trailers: Krone Coolliner, Krone Profiliner, Krone Megaliner.
-Added skins for standard tractors

This ETS2 pack includes:

-skins for all standard tractors;
-5 skins options for standard trailers;
-skins for trailers from the Krone DLC (Krone Coolliner, Krone Profiliner – 5 options).
-skins for mod trailers: Krone MegaLiner

Credits: Mr.Fox


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