DAF XF 106.460 PACCAR MX13.340 E6 SOUND V1.2

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Mini Update for the sound of DAF XF 106.460 to the latest version of the game.
Sound works on all engines XF106.
There are no changes, only added a new horn sound).
I don’t like to go back to my old works I prefer to develop and record new engines.
In the future, I will record DAF XF 106 again

– Professional quality
– 100% Audio recorded by me
– Recorded exterior and interior sound
– 346 audio files Involved
– Fully autonomous sounds

Tested on 1.30.x game version.

Includes real sounds of switches in the interior, gearbox,pneumatic,
valves dryers, and electropneumatic signal and more other sounds..

Vasily EVR Engine voice records

SOUND_DAF_XF_460_106_E6_V_1.2.rar – 40.2 MB
SKmapV6_final3.2.rar – 430.4 MB

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