ETS2 1.37 – New Sounds Rebalance

ETS2 1.37 got new sounds with the addition of FMOD. The sound was improved and adjusted recently by the SFX team. They work hard on improving the sound in the game which we really appreciate. Also, they listen to the feedback from the players, which is the reason of this update. FMOD was not perfect from the start. However, it is loved by the community because of the realism that it brings.

ETS2 1.38 New Sounds Rebalance

Main new Euro Truck Simulator 2 SFX changes:

  • Polished sound transitions (e.g. for both loaded and unloaded engine/rpm)
  • Several new sound samples for AI vehicles
  • Overall re-balanced sounds, and volumes
  • And more!

This version of the audio is not final, we will receive even more improvements along the time. SCS encourages the players to send them feedback.

ETS 1.38 is also still around the corner, so follow us on Facebook to stay tuned. For ETS2 1.37 mods, check out more of our posts.

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