ETS2 1.39 new low-bed trailers

Euro Truck Simulator patch 1.39 is just around the corner. After the news that ATS 1.39 new lowboy trailer, we now find out that we will get new Low-bed & Low-loader Trailers for ETS2. They are receiving a complete refresh.

The new trailers will be ownable and customizable. It’s not just the old trailers, it’s actually brand new ones. Also those from the Schwarzmuller DLC are receiving a refresh.

ets2 low bed trailer

The new trailers are customizable

It’s more than just the color or paintjob. In addition to that, the new trailers now have:

  • Customizable chassis: this affects the suitability for different cargoes.
  • Rear bumpers and banners.
  • Markers, lights, ramps and side protectors.
  • Multiple versions of side/tool boxes.
  • Also beacons, strobes, mud flaps, and more.

ets2 low loader trailer

A lot of attention to detail in ETS2

We appreciate the work that SCS is doing. They tell us in their blog post that a lot of work has gone into these trailers. Firstly all the 37 visual cargoes have gone through a transformation and some were completely reworked. Secondly other cargoes had to be adjusted to fit on the new completely new ETS2 trailers. Thirdly, the chains, straps, and more details needed attention. In total, there are are around 130 possible combinations!

euro truck simulator 1.39 trailer

In addition the economy was also changed in the game. Weight limits and trailer capacity was checked. In conclusion you have to know that this update will change the content in the following ETS2 DLCs: Heavy Cargo Pack, High Power Cargo Pack,  Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack and the Special Transport DLC. If you own these, you will get a pleasant surprise after the release of patch 1.39.

ets2 1.39 patch

Are you excited about this new Euro Truck Simulator 2 patch 1.39? You definitely have to take some heavy cargo deliveries! So get your truck ready. You can get some powerful trucks over at the ETS2 truck mods section of our website. Keep on trucking guys!

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