ETS2 Combo-Mod [1.30.x]

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ATTENTION! You have the right not to use these mods and the delete them your out PC. You can freely distribute these mods on your behalf.

_ _ _ = Euro Truck Simulator 2 ver.1.30.x =_ _ _

When creating this mod, were used parts of mods:
_ FRKN64 – roads textures
_ XEBEKzs – adviser
and other mods, authors I do not know

All in archiv – ETS2_combo-mod_ver.18.I.23.rar (~29mb)

This COMBO-MOD – MARSSS_ets2_ver.18.I.23.scs
contains changes for:
—– MARSSS ——
M – Mirror – (position and size)
A – Adviser – (position)
R – Roads – (textures)
S – Sound – (the sound refills, mesages …)
S – Sleeping – (2h 30m time)
S – Steering – (turning radius)

From a combo-mod it is possible (excluding M – mirror) to delete not necessary to you:
A – adviser
R – roads
S – sound
S – sleeping
S – steering

_ _ _ MANUAL _ _ _
Just run CMD-file:
— #_edit_combo-mod.cmd
and select unnecessary for delete (only for Win-x64, for Win-x32 – ???)
CMD-file will create a new mod, with the name of the type:
— Edit_Mxxxxx_ets2_ver.18.I.23.scs
For work, the original mod:
— MARSSS_ets2_ver.18.I.23.scs
is needed next to the CMD-file.



Download Link: Download mod

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