ETS2 Iberia DLC: What we know

ETS2 Iberia DLC is a map expansion bringing the second largest European peninsula to the game. The first news we got about it dates back to February 13, 2020. The latest news were about Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and how it will look like in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Also we got to know more about it with every update from SCS Software. We made a list below with all the details. Follow us on Facebook to stay in touch with the latest updates!

What we know so far about ETS2 Iberia DLC

  • The release date is unknown, it is yet to be announced.
  • You can add the DLC to your wish list on Steam.

ETS2 Iberia DLC village

  • Diverse ecosystems are present: from semi-arid deserts to green coniferous forests.
  • You will able to drive through the famous deserts such as Tabernas Desert, called ‘mainland Europe’s only desert’. Also this is the first desert ever that is featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2!
  • Architecture and villages: we get authentic narrow streets, old castles and impressive castles. Also the design is definitely authentic and will make a difference, compared to other map regions.
  • Lisbon is an important city for the ETS2 DLC. It has been presented to us recently. It’s a the largest city and the capital of Portugal. Read more about it on our Lisbon post.
  • New truck stops and gas stations: now they include vehicles that not only fuel up but also can stop and rest for a while. Also we get new designs, so check out the truck stops post.

euro truck simulator 2 iberia port

lisbon in iberia dlc

  • Ports will play an important part in the ETS2 Iberian map expansion. There will be large and small ports across the coastline on the peninsula. Some important ports: Porto de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal and Valencia Port in Spain – there will be a lot of containers in this port.
  • Car industry: there are a lot of cars produced in the Iberian peninsula. Some are exported on the mainland and also overseas. So there are going to be a few car ports. Drivers have to deliver parts and cars to and from the various car factories to the shipping terminals.
  • Thanks to the climate, the olive industry is pretty developed. Therefore, you can expect to transport olive oil or olives in ETS2 more often from the Iberian peninsula.
  • Windmills and solar panels are present across the country because of the high energy demand. So this creates new industries and jobs.

iberia dlc map ets2

What do you love most about what we know so far about ETS2 Iberia DLC? Also what more would like to be added? Let us know in the comments below! Make sure to download some ETS2 mods to enhance your experience. Keep on trucking!

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