ETS2 Real Traffic Density

ets2 traffic real mod

ETS2 Real Traffic Density mod.

First of all, why a traffic density mod is necessary?
SCS gave to us a great traffic system, however the default spawn values are very basic with very low density and minor differences day/night or type of roads.

– it was designed to create a realistic traffic density taking advantages from the latest traffic system implemented by SCS starting in game version 1.30
– with this mod, ETS2 receives a personalized density and ratio set at default g_traffic 1. it takes into account all game features from 1.30: spawn and ratio by daytime, type of roads, city size, density and ratio being set according to the game time scale
– thanks to SCS I was now able to set for example more cars and buses in cities and more trucks on freeways, or more cars at rush hours
– the semaphore profile includes increased green duration at large city roads, also more green time at road works semaphores and globally 3 seconds on yellow instead of 2 (from green to red)
– since traffic is much more dense, more car colors were needed to avoid having the same few SCS colors. to modify the existent colors check this topic viewtopic.php?f=177&t=246123 (if you use my sounds packs all Ai cars have own real colors)

-most important rule: never increase g_traffic value! keep always g_traffic 1 when using this mod!!!
-place my mod above any map mods and other mods that may affect density
-not compatible with Standalone Hungary map (use the basic density of existent addons
-optional addon for ProMods which brings the mod’s density on ProMods type of roads and take into account the ProMods road_look changes

Changelog 1.38:

-adaptation for game version 1.38
-reduced traffic on exits and merging roads
-reduced traffic of emergency and police outside cities
-improved semaphore duration on 2×1 and 1×2 roads

Changelog 1.39:
-adaptation for game version 1.39
-tweaked overall density

P.S. My mods are and will always be for free, however if you appreciate my efforts and want to offer me a beer, I thank you in advance! here is my PayPal account:

Credits: cip

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