Euro Truck Simulator 2 patch 1.39 full release

The new patch 1.39 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 got out in a full version on the 4th of November 2020. After a short period of testing, SCS fixed some bugs and got some feedback. We are back today to tell you about what’s new in this patch. Also, if you’re looking for ETS2 1.39 mods, you’ve come to the right website. Here we respect the authors and the players.

ets2 low bed trailer


One of the most important updates is the new Launchpad. It received a complete redesign. Now you can select different profiles from a dropdown menu and customize the settings directly from the menu, before entering the game. The DLC and Mod managers are also more accessible.

ets2 new launchpad

Redesigned low-bed and low-loader trailers

You can now own a low trailer for your fleet. They have got a redesign from the ground up. Also the High Power Cargo Pack, Schwarzmüller DLC, Special Transport and the Heavy Cargo DLC’s get a redesign thanks to this. There are new elements added to the trailers. Also these details contribute to the overall realism. Some of the new features are tool boxes on the sides, rear bumpers, beacons and more.

euro truck simulator 1.39 trailer

Reskin of Calais

This is an important step in ETS2’s evolution. Calais is like a gateway from Europe to the United Kigdom. In conclusion this means that a lot of truckers drive there. Also it’s a popular location in the ETS2 multiplayer mod. You can find out more in the ETS2 City of Calais redesign article. The port was redesigned and the city and entrances redone.

ets2 port of calais

ETS2 1.38 change log

Here is a complete list of all the changes that the new patch brings.


• City of Calais re-skin


• Launchpad redesigned


• Lowbed and low-loader trailers (ownable)

• Schwarzmuller low-loader (ownable) for the Schwarzmuller DLC

• DAF XF 2017 Facelift added to AI vehicles

• MAN TGX Euro 6 added to AI vehicles (with 6×2/4 variants as well)


• Sound updates and improvements (turbo slider, sound positioning, cabin spatial mixing, sound distribution to accessories)

• Trailer browser & lister shows all valid cargo variants

• Experimental transmission input shaft emulation and clutch brake support (g_clutch_brake)

Thanks to SCS Software for always keeping it real and bringing us updates. This community is pretty cool and the players are listened to. That’s why they keep playing! Also you might like this Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.39 Rhodes map mod. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with what’s new. Keep on ETS2 trucking!

The video below showcases the change log in ETS2 patch 1.39.

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