Grand Utopia v1.11

ets2 Grand Utopia v1.8

Grand Utopia v1.8

Grand Utopia is an important project for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 maps and mods community.

Grand Utopia is a fictional island inspired of France.

I want to give to virtual truckers of Euro Truck Simulator 2 a new driving experience. I want you to be astonished by the different scenaries along the roads and also to feel like if you were driving into real places.

The project is still in progress. You may face some mapping mistakes, some bugs, but I do my best to correct them between each updates.

Last but not least, Grand Utopia Map is totally free for everyone. So take a moment to try that whole new world. I am sure that the map will please you. And if that is the case, please donate. It will help me to continue the development of the project.

Features of the map

  • 39 available cities and villages
  • 27 planned cities and villages
  • 42 cities and villages sponsored by the community
  • 199 companies to deliver
  • 22 truck dealers
  • 4 highways
  • 18 secondary roads
  • 4 iconic roads dedicated to our favorite Youtubers
  • a 7 500 km² playground, in the end
  • 2 500 hours of mapping
  • more than 200 donators through the 7 continents



  • Going East !
  • Scandinavia
  • Vive la France !
  • Italia
  • Beyond the Baltic Sea (from 1.4)
  • Road to the Black Sea (from 1.8)
  • Iberia (from 1.11)

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Credits: MyGodness

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