Greece2: Extending 1:1 real-life map to Korinthos [1.30.x]

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Version 2 of Stand-alone 1:1 map for ETS2 v. 1.30,
for ETS2 truckers who like and enjoy real-life driving.
(widescreen 4k demo screenshots are included in the download)

In this 2nd version:
– Far more detailed, enhanced and realistic scenery and more
than twice as much mileage compared to the previous version.
The entire E94 motorway is modelled realistically on 1:1 scale
from Piraeus-Korinthos plus additional 1:1 mileage of
the adjacent scenic Old National Road which connects the
summer sea-resorts of Kineta and Agioi Theodoroi.
– Experience real-life truck driving along the spectacular cliffy
coastline of Kakia Skala or over the famous Canal of Korinthos.
– Eight cities, more companies and cargo types. All truck dealers
available – purchase any truck brandt you wish.
Please be sure to read the included ReadMe file for info and

manolis petsas

manolis petsas

Download Link: Download mod

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