ETS2 Heart of Russia: Country Side

Heart of Russia for ETS2 is still in the works. It has been at least since March, when we had the first official post about it. The Euro Truck Simulator 2 new DLC will probably take the spotlight now that ATS Wyoming DLC was released. We are excited about that! Today we have some new updates about Russia map expansion. If you want to find out everything we know so far about the DLC, check the link in the end of the post. So let’s get started with what’s new.

ets2 heart of russia dlc

Russian Villages

The rural area of Russia is more interesting than you can imagine. Apart from the scenic architecture of big cities like Moscow or Sankt Petersburg, these areas will enlighten your trip. So in their latest post, SCS shows us a sneak peak of how it will feel like driving through the country side (follow the link for more pics). They say that they’re characterized by disproportional system of streets surrounded by different styles of structures. Many izba style houses are still present in the country side. We will be able to see them in Euro Truck Simulator 2. They feature colorful patterns on the outside.

ets2 russian map

To add to the beauty of the places, some ruins and abandoned building will be present. We think that brings more realism as not everything in real life is perfect, so why would we not want that in a simulator game like ETS2. Don’t you think?

euro truck simulator heart of russia

What is your opinion so far? Let us know in the comments. Do you want to know more? As promised, here is what we know about Heart of Russia DLC so far article. So follow it for more insights. Also go to Steam if you want to add ETS2 Heart of Russia to your whish list. Follow us on Facebook for more news and ETS2 mods. Until next time, keep on trucking!

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