ETS2 Iberia DLC Important Landmarks

Iberia DLC is bringing some awesome views and landmarks in Euro Truck Simulator 2! Check out what amazing new places truckers will be able to visit in ETS2. Also SCS Software is creating new models for these landmarks. They are important because they mark the location and give it personality.

ets2 iberia almeria

The new ETS2 models can be anything from big building to smaller monuments. One of these attractions is the Alcazaba of Almería from 955AD. Also it’s one of the biggest castles of Spain. There are some really old aqueducts and viaducts along the roads. They are important as they are hundreds of years old and are still used.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 iberia dlc

ets2 iberia aqueduct

Thanks to SCS‘s team, we are able to enjoy some similar to real life places. Also the addition of landmarks models makes it even more real. If you are from the Iberian region or visited, you should be able to recognize some of them in ETS2. We recommend you to read about ETS2 Iberia Special Industries, to learn more.

ets2 iberia dlc

We are still waiting for the release on the new ETS2 Iberia DLC. We’re thinking that it might be released this month. Add it to your Steam wish list. The ATS Colorado DLC release date was just announced, now it’s Iberia DLC’s turn. Stay connected with us on Facebook. Also don’t forget to keep on trucking!

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