euro truck simulator 2 gas station in city

Iberia news: truck stops

Iberia is changing Euro Truck Simulator 2 even more with the addition of new truck stops and gas stations. We must consider the big size of the peninsula. It has got all forms of relief, from mountains to the plains leading to the seas. Also Iberia is an important logistical center for the whole Europe. SCS Software let us know that, in ETS2, we will feel this while gaming too.

iberia truck stops ets2

ETS2 New Truck Stops and Gas Stations

SCS is innovating their mapping skills with by creating new models and prefabs. These include new gas station models and concepts. Also truck stops are an important piece of the puzzle. Custom models are going to be available in ETS2 Iberia DLC. This will make the game more enjoyable because it will feel different to the whole map. That is because of the repeating models we have in the other regions. Needless to say that in most of the parts of the map the roads and environment looks the same, which makes it completely boring.

ets2 gas station

euro truck simulator 2 gas station in city

It’s important to note that SCS mentioned that cars will come in and out the gas stations. They can now fuel up or even park to get some rest!

ETS2 Sleeping System

Anyway, SCS is on the right patch by innovating starting with ETS2 Iberia and adding new features. I must say, now that we have these custom rest stations, wouldn’t it be great if there was a more realistic working schedule for the truckers? After all it’s a trucking simulator! It would be great to get the feeling of realism in game. For instance, when a driver stops to rest in real life, it’s important. When you stop to rest in ETS2 you just do it so you don’t snooze. A tachograph simulation would be welcome too.

gas station by night renault ets2 mod

Get ready to enjoy new stuff in ETS2 Iberia DLC, from small gas stations in the country area, to the big truck stops on the side of the freeway. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date. If you’re waiting for the Iberia DLC, add it to your Steam wish list. Also, today we recommend you some of our ETS2 trailer mods. Keep on Trucking!

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