Iberian Coastlines in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Here are some of the Iberian cities you will have the pleasure to visit in ETS2. The Iberia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 will bring more realism into the game, just like the new ATS Colorado DLC did to that game. In real life, the temperatures in Iberia are really high during the summer. That made people to move to the coastal lines of the peninsula..

ets2 iberia dlc coast ets2 iberia puerto de santander

Iberian Cities

Some of the most important cities mentioned by SCS are Malaga, Algeciras, Olhão and Bilbao. In the game there’s going to be more of them. So let’s see what they have to share about each of these more important ones.

Malaga is located in the southern part of Iberia and is Spain’s fifth largest city. It has a large port where a lot of cruise ships and greighters come. Also it has a great historical importance as it was founded in the 8th century BC.

ets2 iberia malaga

The neighbor of Gibraltar, Algeciras make an important connection to Africa. Maybe one day we’ll be able to visit it in a future DLC. Until then we have some ETS2 map mods that already let us do that. And yes, we will get a nice view of the Rock of Gibraltar.

ets2 Algeciras iberia

The sunny city of Olhão in located in southern Portugal. Fishing is one of the main industries of the town so expect to drive a reefer trailer from there.

ets2 olhao bilbao

All the way up north, you can find Bilbao. Almost at the border with France, features a port and nice views as it is surrounded by green mountains.

Are you ready to explore even more locations near the coasts in Euro Truck Simulator 2 Iberia? Thanks to SCS for showing us these sneak pics. Find out all we know about ETS2 Iberia DLC on our website.

euro truck simulator 2 iberia

ets2 portugal iberia

Add the DLC to your Steam whish list today. More pictures on the official SCS Software blog. And like our page on Facebook, we’ll let you know any news and the release date. It should be out really soon! Keep on trucking guys!

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