Kelsa Lightbars for DAF XF 105 & 106 v1.5 [1.30.x]

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(New update 01.03.2018)

The focus of this pack is to bring various Kelsa light bars available for the XF 105/6.

All parts resemble their real counterparts as close as possible, that includes slot numbers/positions.
Every part is custom fit to it’s respective truck.

New version 1.5:

-Added ChassisBar (both trucks)

-added WingBars (XF 105 only)

-added LedBar (XF 106 only)

-fixed some sunk slots on the XF 106 Bakbar High mount,

-updated template for light-bars,

-added template for LedBar.

Known Issues:

1. Some SCS skins will conflict with the airbar template- can’t test/fit everything perfectly

2. The Airbar for the XF 106 is further from the cabin then it should – NOT FIXABLE, the SCS air cables are non removable

3. The Bakbar for the XF106 is higher than IRL – clipping issues with truck parts

4. Missing Bakbar for the XF106 Space Cab (no spoiler) – NOT A BUG, maybe in a future update

Tested on game version 1.30.x


Download Link: Download mod

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