LIGHTBOX FOR MB ACTROS 2014 [UPD: 07.05.18] 1.30.X-1.31.X

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The LightBox is attach to the sunshield.
The sunshield has three visual options with Mercedes-Benz or empty “Custom” logo
and ten attachment points.
Visual options for sunshield are:
plastic with chrome line, painted and painted with chrome line.

LightBox had four attachment points (*two by side): two for the beacons and two for the small lights.
After Update: add seven attachment points on top.
**you need to add: suitable_for: “sunshld”, if you don’t have any option for attaching.

Made for Mercedes-Benz 2014 GigaSpace cabin.

Supported trucks:
Mercedes-Benz 2014 by SCS
Big Stars – Actros / Arocs SLT by WTD

Changes [upd:07.05.18]:
add suport for: Big Stars – Actros / Arocs SLT



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