Scania DC11 380 Euro 3 Sound (EVR)

Scania DC11 380 Euro 3 Sound

This sound based by EVR I’m only rework and add some improvement. Some samples I took from Kriechbaum sound. Work on Scania R & Streamline, Scania RJL (RS,R4,T,T4) and also Fred’s Scania. Below there is a video of a Scania DC11 with 380HP Euro 3. It tests the sound inside and out. From what you … Read more

Real AI Traffic FMOD Sounds

Real AI Traffic FMOD Sounds

ETS2 Real AI Traffic FMOD Sounds mod. What is this mod about: – includes personalized FMOD sounds for all Ai cars, SUVs, trucks and buses of the ETS2 SCS vehicles. – Ai max_speed has been adjusted (speed decreased or increased depending on model) which will bring more realism to Ai traffic especially in combination with … Read more

Iveco Cursor Sound Pack

Iveco Cursor Sound ets2

This mod change scs iveco stralis hiway,new iveco sway sounds with real sounds Package contain 2 different sounds for different engines Cursor 9,cursor 11 using Kriechbaum sound. Cursor 13 engines using my 13 litre cursor sound. Have fun! This mod work with SCS Iveco Hi Way and Iveco S way. If you wanna support me … Read more

Renault T sound mod

ets2 Renault T sound mod

Renault T sound mod for ETS2. Hi all. I’ve recorded again the Renault T DTi11 engine, but this time with my Zoom H5. I’ve also added my Volvo D13K engine sound for the 13 litres engines of the truck, in real life the DTi13 and D13K are really close, they sound very similar. The DTi11 … Read more

SCS Truck Sounds Reworked

ets2 SCS Truck Sounds Reworked

SCS Truck Sounds Reworked MEGA PACK ETS2 sound mod. -Completely re-designed, re-structured, and re-sampled all the sounds of SCS. -Using the whole sound library that SCS ever released in the base game file, a New MIX of sounds according to the recorded samples by SCS and respective engines. -The Interchanging of sounds in the game … Read more

Menu Music Remixes 1.38

Menu Music Remixes v1.1 mod for ETS2 1.37 – 1.38 patch version. Looking for good music that is still suitable for the game? This mod provides replacement of music in the game with remixes from SCS Software games. Includes remixes of music from: – Euro Truck Simulator 1 – American Truck Simulator – German Truck … Read more

Scania V8 sound mod v11

Scania V8 sound mod

NEW Scania V8 sound mod updated (2020/04/19) Version 11 Mod works in Euro Truck Simulator 2 patch version 1.37 Version 11 of my V8 engine sound mod for the Scania R and Streamline is ready. I have made it again from scratch with Fmod, i’m pretty happy with the result. For the moment i won’t … Read more