Iveco Turbostar Ralf84 (1.38)

Iveco turbostar ets2

Iveco Turbostar series was introduced in 1984 as the successor of Iveco Turbo series. Even though the cabin looks the same at first glance, there were some differences: it was larger and higher. Spoiler, fenders, and many other parts were redesigned to achieve better aerodynamics coefficients. Interior too have been redesigned to improve comfort. The … Read more Iveco Turbostar Ralf84 (1.38)

Renault Premium edit by Alex [1.36/1.37]

ets2 Renault Premium

Hello. I want to present to you the Reworked Renault Premium by SCS; This mod reworks the Renault Premium by SCS by adding tandem chassis as well as reworking the truck model itself. Version 1.0 (ETS2 1.36.x/1.37.x): This update is focused on reworking the entire truck model. Other reworks/options will be added too in the … Read more Renault Premium edit by Alex [1.36/1.37]