Schmitz S.KO Trailer

Schmitz S.KO ets2 trailer mod

This ETS2 mod reworks the trailer Schmitz SK.O by obelihnio. With @obelihnio’s kind permission I am allowed to publish my edit of the Schmitz SKO with many new parts and skins. Version 1.3: – Added body with foldable doors on the left side and with doors on both sides (including fitting reflector stripes) – Added … Read more

Brutal Traffic Mod v1.3

ets2 mods Brutal Traffic

Brutal Traffic Euro Truck Simulator 2 traffic mod is compatible with the latest ETS2 patch version. Compatible with all maps and all DLCs Traffic Jams Traffic Behaviour Compatible with any AI Traffic Packs Low Amount of Trucks and Buses Improved Traffic Flow Extended Traffic Lights / Semaphores Timings Road Traffic Accidents How To Install Mod: … Read more

ProMods 2.55 Europe

promods map mod euro truck simulator 2

ProMods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is now available. Map Changes: France: Granville, Mulhouse. Rebuilt: Calais Germany: Anklam. Rebuilt: Rebuilt: Bad Oeynhausen. Merged: Stuttgart Iceland: Varmahlíð. Rebuilt: Akranes, Borgarnes Slovakia: Zvolen Additionally: – Rebuilt German roads BAB1, BAB2, BAB7, BAB10, BAB27, BAB44 – Rebuilt Czech road 27 – Rebuilt Iceland road 60 – Added UK … Read more

Red Sea Map 1.2.2

Red Sea Map

ETS2 Red Sea Map 1.2.2 – (1.40/2.55) by TerraMaps. This map mod will connect the ProMods ME road from Taba south into a whole new area on ETS including cities up and down the Red Sea coastline. Required DLC’s: All 6 SCS DLC’s Required Map Mods: – ProMods 2.55 – ProMods Middle East Add-On 2.55a … Read more

Official multiplayer mod: Euro Truck Simulator 2

ets2 multiplayer mod

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is getting an official multiplayer mod! ETS2 multiplayer can already be tested by some, with friends, in the form of a beta version. Up to 8 players can form a convoy and roam around the map. We are really looking forward to this! Synchronizing trucks, weather and traffic for plenty of … Read more

Used Trucks mod

ets2 Used Trucks mod

One thing that bugged me about ETS2 is the lack of availability of pre-owned trucks, and the fact that quite a few of the models are redundant. I mean, why buy an old model Actros for £79k when you can get a New Actros for £81k? Also quite a few of the truck models have … Read more