Red Sea Map 1.2.2

ets Red Sea Map mod

ETS2 Red Sea Map 1.2.2 – (1.40/2.55) by TerraMaps. This map mod will connect the ProMods ME road from Taba south into a whole new area on ETS including cities up and down the Red Sea coastline.

Required DLC’s: All 6 SCS DLC’s

Required Map Mods:
ProMods 2.55
– ProMods Middle East Add-On 2.55a

Load Order: Place Red Sea Map Mod directly above PMME in the Mod Manager

Mod Reshare Sites READ: Remember to always download map mods from their official links, not mod reshare sites. Also, all of our maps are protected by our EULA and DMCA takedown notices, ISP notifications, and other civil legal actions will be pursued for those reuploading TerraMaps’ mods without prior written permission. If a mod resharer is interested in posting our link, feel free to reach out to Project Manager Pilot. Everyone who downloads our maps agrees with the conditions set forth in the EULA

If you find any bugs or have any problems please post them in the #Support channel on our Discord channel.

Credits: TerraMaps

DOWNLOAD mod for ETS2 1.40 +

Official SCS Forum thread

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