Rhodes Map Mod

Rhodes Map Mod v1 Rhodes Map ets2

This ETS2 map mod adds the Greek island of Rhodes. The map only covers 2 sectors so it’s very small, but I hope that a lot of people will still appreciate it. Also the island can be reached from Messina, Thessaloniki (Promods) and ─░zmir (Project Turkey). In addition, a standalone version is also included, but you will discover the map in 10 minutes.

Note: The map is not in the correct position on the background map to be compatible with Project Turkey.

If you repost the map, please keep the original download link. Also at ETS2 Mods Club we always respect the author’s link.

Credits: ETS2 Player

DOWNLOAD Rhodes mod for ETS2 1.39

DOWNLOAD Promods + Rhodes Ferry connection

DOWNLOAD Med. Expansion + Rhodes Ferry connection


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