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ROMAN Diesel ets2 ROMAN Diesel interior

ROMAN Diesel truck mod for ETS2. The truck by MADster was a very great truck for ETS 2 1.31, it was one of the favorite trucks of drivers of that time. But time passed, and the truck did not get the official updates, which did not decrease its popularity. We all wanted to keep it up with the game versions, and we made different fixes to keep it up to date.

What do you get?
-A very realistic ROMAN Diesel truck and a low spec PC compatible mod 🙂
-Two chassis to choose from (4×2 or 6×4)
-Original wheels (rim, hub, cover)
-Three engines (D2156 HMU/D2156 HMN8/D2156 HMN8 with turbo)
-Realistic gearboxes (AK5-35/AK6-80/AK6-80 GV-80)
-Six iconic skins
-Fully animated interior
-Realistic dashboard dials lighting
-Original addons (spoiler, gps, fenders, air filters, mirrors, etc.)
-Paintable version for almost all exterior addons

Instead of “selling” it as most of people do, I choose to keep all free 😀 (modding should be a hobby not a business).

ROMAN diesel itia trailer

This truck works well with the Automecanica Medias Reefer ETS2 mod.

You can download the truck template here.

Version 1.3.6 change log:
– beacon slot on the roof by A_Trucker
– mod archive compressing
– various fixes


Original mod:
– MADster (3D model)
– CobraBlue6 (Defs and testing)
– EVR Vasliey (Sound)
Fixes timeline:
– 1.33 Illumination fix by CobraBlue6
– 1.35 update by JamesKirk
– 1.39 sound update by Roadie66 (sounds by Kriechbaum)
– 1.39 def & cables update by PikPikker
– 1.40 new light system update by PikPikker
– 1.40 windows animation by Dotec
– 1.40 beacon slot & fixing by A_Trucker

DOWNLOAD mod for ETS 1.41 +

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