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Scania Illegal T – represents a hybrid combining two known creations fashion: Scania T and Scania illegal.
The tractor has a bonnet arrangement provided in the cab 8 embodiments, as well as a set of modified solid interior, chassis, engine and a great number of various accessories.
For Scania Illegal T added: 8 booths 8 chassis types (formulas 4 × 2 6 × 2, 4 × 8 and 10 × 8), 18 motor (360 – 3000 HP), a set of 8 check point (6 v. 8 v. 12 and v.) and a large set of different underweight and accessories.
Provided detailed tuning allows to change the grille on the elements, bumpers, skirts, mirrors, exhaust pipes, fuel tanks, vetroviki, etc., as well as choose the tinted windows, install interior lighting and a variety of lighting equipment.
Scania Illegal T is on sale in the cabin Scania
Test version ETS2

50Keda, V8K, GTMike
AUTHOR MODE: the SCS, Carls1309, John Lee, RJL, AU44 – 247.1 MB

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