SCANIA NextGen I6 sound mod V5.5

SCANIA NextGen I6 sound

ETS2 SCANIA NextGen I6 sound mod by Max2712.

Hello all! I have updated my SCANIA NG I6 sound mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.39! Thanks to the changes SCS made with 1.39, I was able to include authentic air-gear and air-brake sounds in this mod without having them on other trucks too! I´ve also made a lot of other changes and improvements to the overall sound to make it more realistic, some sounds got refreshed and the mixing also got improved. This mod now also contains all the interior sounds, which were only available in my V8-sound before.
The also got completely rebuilt again, because of the new FMOD version and the different way of how the turbo is working.

In comparison with the first 2 versions of this sound (V1 & V1.5), Version 2 and up isn´t based anymore on Kriechbaum´s NG Scania sound mod. The sound is now built 100% by myself, only some samples are still from Kriechbaum.

The sound also works with @Eugene´s SCANIA P/G/R/S.

  • Changelog for Version 5.5:
    multiple variations of the engine start and stop sounds (depending on compressor on/off, opticruise gearbox/manual gearbox)
  • slightly reworked compressor sound
  • small changes in the load/exhaust soundtracks
  • new turbo sound, engine brake sound, blinker sound behaviour, sounds for applying/disengaging the parking brake, parking brake apply warning, manual gearbox + clutch sounds

Credits: – SCS
– Kriechbaum
– Max2712

DOWNLOAD mod version 5.5 for ETS2 1.41 +

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