SCS Rigid Trailers

SCS Rigid Trailers

SCS Rigid Trailers

Version 1.5:

  • Compactibile with 1.36v (ETS2)
  • Lowbed cargo fix
  • SCS Log C double
  • SCS Log D double
  • SCS Log single 1ax ( non rigids )
  • KRONE dolly /model
  • KRONE Boxliner dolly
  • KRONE Coolliner dolly
  • KRONE Dryliner dolly
  • KRONE ProfilinerHR dolly
  • KRONE Profiliner tandem
  • KRONE Profiliner dolly
  • KRONE Profiliner C double
  • Cargos
  • Icons
  • Tuning


  • If you upload this mod on other site please keep credits and original link
  • For this mod you need to have ETS2 v1.36
  • This mod make rigid trailers from SCS models
  • If you have any issuse with this mod please post your game log here.
  • You can suport me by posting your trailer image here.

Credits: Teklic, SCS


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