SCS Truck Sounds Reworked

ets2 SCS Truck Sounds Reworked

SCS Truck Sounds Reworked MEGA PACK ETS2 sound mod.

-Completely re-designed, re-structured, and re-sampled all the sounds of SCS.

-Using the whole sound library that SCS ever released in the base game file, a New MIX of sounds according to the recorded samples by SCS and respective engines.

-The Interchanging of sounds in the game has now been accurately re-defined.

-With a New Formula to mix all sounds (transitions that reach 200-400rpm per sample based on dependency) is used in mixing the sound. This has resulted in a success up to 90% of Sound Smoothness, when ever revving the engines or when ever the revs fallback.

-Carefully taken care of Horn Sounds that resemble the magnificent Hadley and FIAMM Horns of European Trucks.

-On the Basis that SCS has made a GREAT Improvement in the Miscellaneous Interior Stick Sounds, a unique Low Air Pressure Sound for every truck along with wiper sounds was only added to each sound improvement. Stick sounds that play for blinker sticks and so on were recorded uniquely for every truck as new by SCS and independently added for every truck. As a result, a decision not to replace such sound samples.

– And many more improvements made.

Version 2.0 change log:

-Updated to ETS2 1.38+

-ALL Truck brand Sounds added

-Redesigned each truck sound bank inorder to acheive load of 2 or more truck sound mods without any conflict


-Since 1.38 comes with new air horn sounds, only standard horn was added to each sound mod. So if you need air horns you will have to go and use the SCS added airhorns from the truck configuration shop ingame.

-All Truck Sounds are reworked from SCS original sound recordings from the base game EXCEPT the Volvo truck sounds

-Volvo Trucks sound reworked from a public mod recorded by mesutXf, based on a D13A engine, which is found on The Volvo FM and FMX series.

-Original ingame Volvo truck sounds recorded by SCS from a D13K and a D13C engine have a hope to be reworked. It shall be added if any realism is achieved to the rework of the sound

Credits: R.J Productions
SCS – Everything
Kriechbaum – Turbo Sound Files
EVR – Precise Recordings
MesutXf – Volvo D13A Engine Recordings


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