Super Stripes Paint Jobs DLC

Super Stripes Paint Jobs is a skin pack DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Just like the name suggests, the whole theme of this is represented by stripes. Also this a modern touch for your truck in ETS2!

ETS2 Super Stripes Paint Jobs

This is not a mod, it’s a DLC made by SCS Software. It is created by the talented artists than work there. Whether it deserves your 1,99€ on Steam, it’s up to you.

ets2 renault man skin

The pack includes paintjobs for the whole fleet of trucks currently in the game. In addition they can be customized by choosing any colors you want from the color palette. This was a great way to emphasize the introduction of the new color presets features.

Here is a list of the new paint schemes:

  • Meteor
  • Flash
  • Metro
  • Zap
  • Solid
  • Whirl

super stripes skin euro truck

For the Euro Truck Simulator 2 players that won’t buy the DLC, there are new color presets for some of the already existing paintjobs! That is great news, thanks SCS. Lastly, they mentioned in their blog article that more will be added.

new paintjobs ets2

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know on our Facebook page. Also you can download some of our free ETS2 skin mods on our website if you want more options.

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