Sound Fixes Pack

ets2 Sound Fixes Pack

Sound Fixes Pack for Euro Truck Simulator 2: – Pack provides essential improvements to common sounds in the game for increased immersion. – For over 5 years, the mod continues to deliver, and it’s proven ideal for both players wanting realism and casual players. – The mod receives regular updates to cover more sounds to … Read more

ROMAN Diesel

ROMAN Diesel ets2

ROMAN Diesel truck mod for ETS2. The truck by MADster was a very great truck for ETS 2 1.31, it was one of the favorite trucks of drivers of that time. But time passed, and the truck did not get the official updates, which did not decrease its popularity. We all wanted to keep it … Read more

Brutal Traffic Mod v1.7

ets2 mods Brutal Traffic

Brutal Traffic Euro Truck Simulator 2 traffic mod is compatible with the latest ETS2 patch version. Compatible with all maps and all DLCs Traffic Jams Traffic Behaviour Compatible with any AI Traffic Packs Low Amount of Trucks and Buses Improved Traffic Flow Extended Traffic Lights / Semaphores Timings Road Traffic Accidents How To Install Mod: … Read more

Projekt Česko Map v1.01

ets2 czech map

What is Projekt Česko? Projekt Česko is a map mod for ETS2 focused on improving, expanding and rebuilding parts of old SCS Czechia to increase your driving experience and map quality. How old is this project? This project started in January 2021, this means it’s pretty new project. Who is Honzula? I’m a 15 (well … Read more