ets2 Volvo FH 2009 spoiler

Volvo FH 2009 – Correct roofs & spoilers

ets2 Volvo FH 2009 spoiler


The low & medium cabs in-game look nothing like the real thing, and this is my attempt at fixing that.
I wanted this to be a quick project, so only the roof is replaced, and the level of detail is consistent with the rest of the truck.


– Standard cab – new roof, added a spoiler.
– Globetrotter – new roof, added a spoiler.
– Globetrotter XL – the medium cab is now the XL. Otherwise unedited.
– adjusted exterior seat position. From 1st hand experience, you can’t position your seat like that in a Volvo, and then sit in it.

There are 3 banner/sticker things for the medium cab: The last one is meant for you to edit.
Open the mod with Winrar; open the image “vehicle/truck/volvo_fh16_2009/” with
After you’re done – save the image as a DDS file, in DXT1 format, with mipmaps on. Or in R8G8B8 format, for better quality but bigger file size. Sticker template link.

I have not tested this for compatibility with other Volvo mods.

Credits: overfloater


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