VOLVO FH 2012 8X4 AND 10X4 V9.2

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Volvo FH 2012 8×4 and 10×4 V9.2 ETS21.27.2.x
Version 9.2
– ETS2 1.27.2.x ready
– delete some Errors
what is new on V9.1
– ETS2 1.27.x.x ready
– only one agregat
what is new on V9.0
– lightbox can be painted
– sunshield can be painted
what is new on V8.2
– – with Advanced Trailer Coupling
what is new on V8.1
– Sound problems fixed
what is new on V8.0
– ready for Update 1.25.x.x
– Ulferts skin with Template
– DLC Heavy Paint Ready
what is new on V7.0
– 10×4 Chassi aktivate
what is new on V6.1
– light strips fail when driving light on fixed
what is new on V6.0
-deactivate 10×4 Chassi ( does not expire at )
-some game_log warnings and errors
what is new on V5.1
– convoi shields added new places
– Frontgrill Dragonfly added higher
what is new on V5.0
– 1.22.x.x + DLC Cabin Accessorsies ready
– front grill paint over engine
– new Kelsa Highboard
what is new on V4.3
– Collison is fixed
– Shadow is fixed
– attacher moved backward, saddle plate also
– backlights on two Agregat ( 4 and 5 )
– Highpipe on one Agregat
– 10×4 chassis
– 8×4 and 10×4 with liftaxis
– scs open, pmg open
– wheelcover higher
– two options of add convoi shields
– mod_description UTF-8 fixed
– reversel light fixed on Agregat
– accessory pic fixed on convoi-shield
– ext interior fixed


ets2_1.27.x.x_Volvo_FH_2012_8x4_10x4_v9.2.rar – 25.8 MB

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